Eco design brings spaces to life

Edo designOne of the topics I am finding more often with current clients is their desire to incorporate some “life” into their projects.

They are requesting products and spaces with eco-friendly components much more now than ever before. Natural and organic materials such as cork, river rocks, natural woods, and stone are drawing notice, and the more live plants the better. Not only does live greenery bring vibrancy into a space, but the oxygen releasing components of live plants nurture our health and well-being.

Being a huge lover of the outdoors, I don’t find myself resisting! Keep an eye out for ways nature is being embedded into the newest spaces you encounter.

Design trends in Commercial Flooring for 2015

commercial-flooringFlooring for commercial spaces always seems to be a hot topic.  From slip resistance to noise reduction, there are many choices and factors to balance.  Terrazzo still seems to be a product of choice, although the selection of where it will be used is always very important to consider. Terrazzo can be not only a very attractive look, but one that utilizes recycled materials within it’s production. Graphics within the flooring also seem to be playing a huge role these days, as well as rectangular tiles within the patterns.  [Read more…]