About Anna

Anna Schmidt Interior Design (formerly Schmidt Design Studio, Inc.) is a professional interior design firm with an exceptional reputation built over the years through the design of one-of-a-kind spaces and strong client relationships. Established in 2003 and based in Jupiter, Florida, the firm has worked extensively with nationwide brands, franchises and upscale independent restaurants throughout the country.

Clients are the priority. Trust is paramount.  Clients receive custom-built and attentive service from the initial project meeting to final completion. Designs from the firm are recognized for projects that are on time, well managed, highly detailed, and creatively designed.

Anna has always been a visionary and works closely with each client with skillful direction to develop a final effect that will represent good taste and lasting style, but always with a trendy touch that makes each design distinctive. Her approach to design is that of clean lines and well-balanced color palettes, all combined with originality for each and every space created.  Richness of textures and a passion for creative lighting are also a driving force to every interior.

If you are considering a design firm for your project needs, please contact Anna Schmidt Interior Design today to discuss the many creative opportunities that lie ahead for your space.